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THE SWEATDROPS ON MY GUITAR: nolaneko: Hajime Isayama made this blog post today so here’s a...


Hajime Isayama made this blog post today so here’s a translation…



There seems to be many questions about this so I will answer.

“Annie’s reaction” in episode 23 of the anime was planned by me.

In the scene where Annie confesses her true self, even…

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shingeki no kyojin chapter 0 translation


i said i would so here it is. download the zip HERE.

i dont really have a lot to say besides i did a terrible job and this art is top tier 10/10 it makes the snk we all know look like shit

i also translated the little forward by isayama as a text file



zombienaut117 asked
Is mikasa seriously a titan or was that just fanmade?

It’s a joke by Isayama, he usually draw fake preview at the end of every volume since volume 4. At the end of the recently sold tankoubon, 11, he drew Mikasa, Jean, Armin, Christa and Connie’s joke titan form.


I don’t think Zoro is *traumatized* by stairs, but I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of thing he would do